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Best Cannabis Drink Recipes

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon chilling in your garden but with some Weed drinks! Right?! This is becoming a new rave nowadays as they claim, drinking your weed is better than eating it as it actually delivers a stronger punch! It is said that the potency of weed drinks are higher because our liver is able to convert the regular THC we get from Marijuana into a more potent and more psychoactive compound called 11-hydroxy-THC that is why it actually delivers a more defined and longer effect than smoking cured weed buds. You will surely find enjoyment and fun in making these recipes as a weekend activity especially if you also love drinking beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!

Here in Marijuana Cooking book, we will present to you a few of our how to make weed infused drinks recipes


Marijuana cooking book has a collection of Cannabis Drinks recipes that are not only easy to make but are surely potent to satisfy your needs. An excellent advantage of our Weed drinks recipes is that it is super easy and simple to do, especially if you’re busy and always on the go, these recipes are perfect for you! There are several types of Cannabis drinks out there, may it be Cannabeer, Weed wine or Cannabis Tea! The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!.


Cannabis Vodka

Cannabis Vodka aka The Green Dragon

Now, this is really something that can definitely get the party started! A bottle of this Cannabis Vodka can literally bring life and fun to any occasion! That’s a guarantee! This Cannabis infused Vodka is also known as The Green Dragon! Well, it is actually already a popular drink to most Cannabiseurs! Not only because of its name but also because of the right kind of buzz it actually gives with Its vibrant and uplifting high plus the rowdy vibe Vodka brings. This potent combo of effects is surely a winner to any Party goer! So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get this shizz goin’ so we can go Partey!!!

cannabis beer

Cannabeer (Cannabis Beer)

They say that drinking beer is healthy especially when consumed in the right amounts! Yeah, But who gives right? Cannabeer or Cannabis Beer is also an ultimate feat to accomplish when it comes to our Marijuana Cooking book recipes! What I mean by this is that this is not that simple to make but it is not that difficult either and the result is surely something worthwhile at a more spectacular level.

Cannabis Infused Wine

Weed Wine

Here’s another in-demand recipe for Cannabis infused drinks enthusiasts nowadays! Cannabis Infused Wine is gaining a lot of popularity quickly as it is proving itself as one of the best combinations of effects you can get with Weed and Alcohol mixed together. Its smooth sailing high plus the mild tipsy feeling wine brings is really excellent for social events and getting together with your close friends. It is a perfect blend and is an awesome beverage to serve to your guests. Cannabis Infused Wine literally won’t blow your head off like any other alcohol infused drinks! This will not make you end up wanting to be alone or getting couch-locked. Also, it won’t make you too rowdy and end up becoming an awkward host eventually. What weed wine actually brings is a mellow and light vibe that makes you want to socialize and engage in great discussions all through the night.

Cannabis Tea

Cannabis Tea

There are tea lovers and also weed lovers. So if you count in as both why not make Cannabis tea to fulfill both addictions and create the best elixir in the world!

Both in their own rights treat several ailments so combining them will definitely become a powerhouse remedy for issues! On these notes reaping out the maximum potential of the tea and the weed is nothing short of greatness!

The euphoric effects people are getting from cannabis tea is causing it to become more and more popular! Getting the best of both worlds results in a much appreciated relaxation effect to the user.


Weed Hot Chocolate

We will show you how to make the classic weed hot chocolate that is not only simple to make but also very delicious and satisfying!

Who wouldn’t love a cup of hot chocolate on a cold frosty morning? Well I know I do! Better yet! It is undeniably extra better if this is infused with Cannabis to get that euphoric effect we love! What a great morning it would be sipping on a warm cup while getting lifted into the horizon! What a morning that would be!

Cannabis Coffee

Cannabis Coffee

A lot of people. including me, rely heavily on a good cup of coffee to start our day right and get things up and running. Also, the same goes with Cannabis Coffee who most definitely has quite a number of people depending on it to get their wheels rolling in the morning too. That again includes me! So, instead of just sipping on a cup of joe while getting your smoke on separately — which is totally good as it is by the way — Why not have them both combined altogether? Wouldn’t that be awesome? And yes! It truly is and it does taste amazing!

Cannabis Milk

Cannabis Milk

Milk is another essential product we regularly consume in our homes. We use milk daily by mixing it in our coffee or our morning fruit shakes to jump start our day! Not only that, but it is also a staple when eating cereals and oats as it is better eaten that way. Cannabis Milk is one way we can easily infuse cannabinoids on a lot of our daily intakes. Here’s a simple recipe on how we can make this highly useful product at home using regular household materials.

Weed Smoothie

Weed Smoothie

Well, there are times, especially on hot summer days where we don’t want anything else during that moment but to have for ourselves a super cold and creamy edible smoothie! This Weed Smoothie recipe is just one way to do it but there are really hundreds if not thousands of combinations possible for this. Mix any kind of fruit and add anything like granola or cereals in it and the variations can be endless.

Cannabis Lemonade

Cannabis Lemonade

This recipe is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is just make a regular lemonade and spike this with tincture and you have your Cannabis infused lemonade ready to go! This Cannabis Lemonade recipe is very versatile too! If you have your own homemade lemonade recipe, it will surely work great as well! Make some additions to it and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Add some rosemary for the herby hint or a dash of your favorite fruit juice combination for that tropical inspiration and everything you prefer will surely work! That’s guaranteed! This lemonade infused with cannabis recipe that we will be showing you today is the most basic version and simplest form out there! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get the lemons rolling!

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