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Can Edibles Kill Someone?

There are a lot of people out there that will confirm that they have tried weed at least once in their lifetime. Many more people have also jumped into the spectacle and have started lighting up their joints, all this with a booming increase day by day since the legalization has happened. But, just to answer the question of, Can edibles kill someone? Or how many people have ever overdosed and died because of marijuana?

Well, we have a quick answer to that because there is none ever! There has been no known evidence of linking marijuana overdose as the cause of death of any person ever since man’s history. This can also be confirmed by the government agencies with no records showing of such ever. Basically, it is quite impossible to achieve a lethal dose of marijuana or cannabinoids per se.

Can You Overdose on Marijuana Edibles?

Well, based on some testimonies from scientists, it is virtually impossible for humans to get to a point to consume cannabis where it is lethal. This is mainly from the standpoint of how the brain works. When the consumer ingests marijuana, the cannabinoids and other chemicals in it will get on our nervous system and will attach onto some molecules referred to as cannabinoid receptors. Those minute cells that hold on to these cannabinoids influence our perception of pleasure, coordination, memory and of course overall cognitive functions. However, there are no Cannabinoid receptors on the parts of the brainstem that control our breathing. Hence, lethal overdose from cannabinoids does not occur as explained by the National Institute of Cancer.

On the other hand, Marijuana isn’t harmless as well as the psychoactive ingredient that delivers the feeling of being high, called the THC, is a powerful intoxicant. Meaning this can impair our physical and judgemental abilities and can lead to the users putting themselves in a situation that is unsafe.

How to Deal with Marijuana Overdose

Even though there are no marijuana overdose deaths ever that have been recorded that are actually confirmed, consuming too much may bring you to an uncomfortable experience. Where an increase in heart rate, anxiety and trembling of hands is experienced.

There are some suggestions that were given to ease this nightmare and it all boils down to simply staying hydrated, meaning drink lots of water and by trying to eat some food to boost your blood sugars. So next time you fall for this trap, make sure to remember how to dig yourself out of this hole.