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Can Weed Go Bad?

It has always been a concern to all weed enthusiasts today. Can weed go bad? Well, weed buds do not go bad like how any of our food products do but it can definitely go bad and/or even become a moldy weed if not stored well. So does weed go bad? Read more explanation below.

How Long Before Weed Can Go Bad

Stale and Old weed will not cause any serious health hazards if you do not have any underlying conditions, to begin with. But, instead, what happens is there will be a highly obvious drop in the potency of your weed buds as time passes, which is actually an issue if you are using weed as medicine. Old marijuana buds will undergo changes in its smell, taste and texture over time.

If stored properly, dried up weed can last you well for around 6 to 12 months. Afterwhich, the deterioration happens as it begins to lose it’s tasteful aroma as the potency levels start to drop.

An old study was made on this and their results were. Weed loses around 16% of its total potency levels of THC after the 1st year and will continue to drop from there. The researches have recorded the following observations;

  • 26% drop in THC 2 years onwards
  • 35% drop in THC 3 years onwards
  • 41% drop in THC 4 years onwards

However, what we should be worried about and what we need to watch out for are moldy weed. There are mixed arguments about smoking moldy weed and we suggest that it is better to be safe than be sorry. Make sure you know how to assess your weed properly to ensure you know when your pot stash has gone bad that you should be throwing away or when it still good to use.

What Does Moldy Weed Look Like

Molds are usually hard to detect visually unless you look close enough. It looks like a white powdery substance or some spots that appears fuzzy which are also very tiny in size. These usually comes in a greenish greyish tone so make sure you know what your weed looks like when it was still at its prime.

Moldy weed will smell musty which is similar to hay. It will also have an “off” taste to it especially if you are familiar with how the buds tasted when they were fresh. Even if your weed is not that old, it is best to do a mold inspection from time to time.

What Happens If You Smoke Moldy Weed

Now, Can you smoke moldy weed ? Well, Moldy weed isn’t likely to cause any serious harm to its consumers but if too much is consumed it can lead to coughing, nausea or even vomiting.

The problem is if when a person with a weak immune system ends up smoking a moldy weed, the smoke it delivers will be riddled with fungi and bacteria which may lead to a serious health problem or even death.

So as a word of advice, If your stash looks stale and old and the smell is particularly “off”. Make sure you inspect the buds for molds as you will be better off throwing it away instead of risking it which may lead to an undesirable experience or worst sickness!


Marijuana buds should not go bad if this is stored properly. By making sure you have the proper type of sealed container, a proper place away from moisture and sunlight then your stash should last you good for at least a year tops.