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Cannabis Lemonade

Thinking of making a refreshing afternoon drink that would make you high while chilling? Well, look no further! Here we will be showing you how to make a Simple Cannabis Lemonade! This is a super easy to make recipe! The only thing you need to prepare ahead of time is your Cannabis Tincture. We suggest making your own by checking our Cannabis tincture recipe on this link. But, If you do not have the time to make one yourself, you can always purchase this or order online.

This recipe is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is just make a regular lemonade and spike this with tincture and you have your Cannabis infused lemonade ready to go! This Cannabis Lemonade recipe is very versatile too! If you have your own homemade lemonade recipe, it will surely work great as well! Make some additions to it and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Add some rosemary for the herby hint or a dash of your favorite fruit juice combination for that tropical inspiration and everything you prefer will surely work! That’s guaranteed! This lemonade infused with cannabis recipe that we will be showing you today is the most basic version and simplest form out there! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get the lemons rolling!

Cannabis Lemonade Recipe


  • Lemon squeezer

  • Pitcher

  • Wooden spoon

  • Medium bowl

  • Strainer

  • Large Measuring Cup

Things you’ll need

  • Tin foil

  • Grinder

  • Oven

How to Make Cannabis Lemonade

1.) Prepare your Cannabis Tincture. (See our Cannabis Tincture Recipe). This is what we will use to infuse the Cannabis Lemonade.

2.) Roll your lemons on the chopping board to get the juices going. Slice your lemons into wedges and squeeze the lemon juice on the bowl using the lemon squeezer or a fork.

3.) Position the strainer on a measuring cup and pour the freshly squeezed lemon to filter then Pour the lemon juice in your pitcher or jug right after.

4.) Add in water and ice in the lemon juice depending on how potent your lemons are. Adjust flavor as preferred.

5.) Add in your Cannabis tincture and sugar or you can use honey if you prefer. Mix the Cannabis Lemonade to incorporate thoroughly or until the sugars dissolve.

6.) Pour on your preferred serving glass and Viola! You now enjoy your Cannabis infused Lemonade on that hot summer afternoon while chillin in your yard! Cheers!