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Cannabis and health together is the newest trend that is getting rapidly accepted in many countries nowadays. In fact, it is it’s medical aspect and the applications of Cannabis for medicine that pushed for it’s legalization resulting in a wide availability of byproducts being created today. One of them that is turning out to be so effective is Cannabis Lip Balm.

Marijuana and the chemical components in it called cannabinoids are seen to be highly beneficial when used to treat or improve health. Studies have shown that this is not only limited to relieving pain and insomnia, but further research is presenting that it does really improve one’s health if properly consumed and used.

Now, these health products may be intimidating when you look at them, as you may think that they are expensive and are only available in limited stores, but think again! Did you know health and beauty products infused with Cannabis are not only easy to make but they are legit! Basically the infusion process relates to how you would infuse your food. Here we will be showing you how to make Cannabis infused Lip balm that you can use as a moisturizer on your dry knees or elbows! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get this health thing going and make our own Cannabis inspired health product!


Ingredients (by ratio)

Things you’ll need

  • Pan
  • Stove
  • Heat safe Beaker
  • Small containers (As you prefer)


1.) Measure out your beeswax. Ratio for the 1st three ingredients are in equal amounts. Beeswax, Shea Butter and Cannabis Oil.

2.) Add all 3 ingredients in the heat-safe beaker.

3.) Place the beaker on a pan filled with water. Basically a double boiler using the beaker over medium heat.

4.) Let the mixture sit in the heat while mixing constantly until everything is starting to dissolve. This would take around 10 mins or so.

5.) Once everything has fully incorporated. Remove from heat and set aside.

6.) Now with your Cannabis lip balm mix out of the heat. This is the time when you can add in your essential oils. We are using a peppermint essential oil in this but anything else will work well, or you can even combine 2 oils creating your own flavor and scent.

7.) Prepare your containers which are readily available in any pharmacy or medical supply store or you can use a big one similar to a night cream container.

8.) Fill in the container and allow the Cannabis Lip Balm to set and cool down. Viola! You now have made a Home made Organic Cannabis Lip Balm that is not only cheaper but is definitely of high quality.