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Top Cannabis Recipes | Cannabis Edibles 2020

Cannabis edibles are becoming more and more popular each day, and you know what?! They are becoming more and more expensive to purchase too! So why bother spending that much money just to get the same effects as those we make on our own, right? Our intention in this article is to show you that these recipes of cannabis infusions are not only possible to do but they are also easy to make and we guarantee that the results are far more superior in many ways! We will be showing you our top cannabis recipes for the simplest and most straight forward edibles that are available today.

These Cannabis Recipes that we have chosen to feature are the simplest and most user-friendly we can find, which for us, they basically achieve the same end-products as those commercial ones. The great thing about these as well is that we consider their versatility too, so you go crazy any way you want and do your own versions and surely they will end up with great results! Adjust your potency, its sweetness levels or ingredients, it’s all really up to you! So let’s get this going and we hope that somehow you can get some insights and motivation to create and develop your own Cannabis recipe versions! And we really look forward to hearing back from you with your own best cannabis infusion recipes! if we have in our own little way helped you in getting to it! Happy cooking guys!

Cannabutter Banana Muffins

Cannabutter Banana Muffins Here we will be showing you a double chocolate cannabutter banana muffins recipe that is so versatile, making more other flavor variations come from it! Hey sweet tooth! Want something spectacular for your edible creation ideas? This [...]

July 31st, 2020|Categories: Sweets, Top Cannabis Recipes|Comments Off on Cannabutter Banana Muffins

Cannabutter Jolly Rancher

Cannabutter Jolly Rancher If you are getting interested in making hard candy with cannabutter and wondering what it is, don’t be intimidated with the name! Basically Cannabutter Jolly Rancher.(s) are simply flavored Sugar candies! Weed jolly ranchers recipe is really [...]

June 18th, 2020|Categories: Easy Edibles, Sweets, Top Cannabis Recipes|Comments Off on Cannabutter Jolly Rancher
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