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Cannabis Syrup

Now, this is another one of our essentials for cannabis infusions! Cannabis Syrup is added in a lot of cannabis recipes but would usually appear mostly on drinks and cocktails or as we call it Canna-cocktails! Yes, you heard it right! Infusing Cannabis is not only done on food as edibles but is also done and goes great on drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic for that matter. So, just for now, let us give it a name and call these marijuana-infused drinks as “drinkables”!

Cocktail drinks and mixers are a standard on any party. It wouldn’t be a party if you did not have any refreshments to serve to your guests. So, what’s excellent about this Cannabis Syrups recipe is that once you have this made and stored in the fridge,just pull this out and add a dash on some on coke, beer or maybe if you feel like leveling it up, make some margaritas for that fancy feel and you and your guests will be well on your way in getting that invigorating and uplifted buzz and get the party started! Syrups are a standard on any bartender’s kit of ingredients! So, as far as your imagination can take you! The sky’s the limit on where you can use Cannabis Syrup!

Cannabis Syrup Recipe


  • 4 grams cannabis buds (ground)

  • 3 cups water

  • 3 cups sugar (granulated)

  • 3 tbsp glycerin (vegetable)

How to make Cannabis Syrup

1.) In a pot Add water and bring to a low boil.

2.) Add Ground up Cannabis gradually while stirring.

3.) While continuing to stir, Add the sugar.

4.) Put a cover and allow to gently simmer for 20 minutes
**Make sure not to overheat the mixture and boil too much as this will risk vaporizing the cannabinoids.’’

5.) After 20 minutes. Remove the pot cover and slowly add the vegetable glycerin and stir.

6.) Keep in a gentle simmer for another 6-8 minutes while stirring constantly and you will notice the mixture will start to gain viscosity and will thicken.

7.) Remove from heat and set aside Allow to cool down.

8.) Line strainer with cheesecloth and place on top of a mason jar. Pour the mixture slowly and allow to drip and filter through.

9.) Take the corners of the cheesecloth and make a pouch. Squeeze the cannabis sediments as much as you can to extract all the goodness out. Enjoy

**Refrigerate to store syrup for longer periods.