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Cannabis Tea

There are tea lovers and also weed lovers. So if you count in as both why not make Cannabis tea to fulfill both addictions and create the best elixir in the world!

Both in their own rights treat several ailments so combining them will definitely become a powerhouse remedy for issues! On these notes reaping out the maximum potential of the tea and the weed is nothing short of greatness!

The euphoric effects people are getting from cannabis tea recipe is causing it to become more and more popular! Getting the best of both worlds results in a much appreciated relaxation effect to the user.

Consuming Pot tea results as good as smoking it which also brings a series of effects. If you are not fond of smoking then the tea version is the best for you! Plus no unwanted calories compared to other edibles.

What is great about making it into a tea is that there is an unlimited space of creativity to it, add some lemons, infuse additional herbs like rosemary or use whichever kind of tea you like and viola! You have your own personal blend!

Take note! You can use or not use just ground up weed to do this! – For greater effects you will need to do some preppin to extract the most out of your valued marijuana buds! This process is called decarboxylation!

But below, we will show you the steps on how to make the simplest Cannabis Tea ever!

Cannabis Tea Recipe

Cannabis Tea Ingredients

  • 1 gm marijuana buds

  • 1 bag herbal tea

  • Sugar or Honey

  • 1 cup water

How to make Cannabis Tea

1.) Ground up the marijuana buds using a knife or a grinder if you have one. Manicure the weed by removing the seeds and the stems. Don’t grind it so much that it becomes a powder. It is preferable to just mince it coarsely

2.) Fill a tea bag or a metal tea dipper with the ground up marijuana. You can use a store-bought tea bag by opening it carefully, empty the tea bag and replace the contents with the weed and use an organic thread to stitch it shut so that the contents will not spill out.

3.) Get another tea, herbal preferably and add both tea bags (Weed & Herbal) into a mug or a tea kettle.

4.) Simmer and scald a cup of water.(To know you are simmering correctly– it should not boil but should only bubble gently). It is ok to overheat the water but aim to a drinkable temperature.

5.) Pour the simmered water in the mug or the tea kettle and let the mix blend together for about 5 minutes. Although, the more time you let it steep the more flavor and intensity will be happening.

6.) After, you can now add honey or sugar depending on your preference.

Note that since this method does not utilize fatty acids similar to butter to attach to the THC in the weed then the effects will not be as intense as those done as such.

If you are looking to extract the maximum amount of THC then look into one of our recipes on how to make cannabutter. Then use the cannabutter instead of ground up weed to be placed inside the tea bag as an alternative! From there follow the same process or boil it more to even steep the tea more but then that will be a totally new version! Isn’t it not?