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Cannabis Vodka (aka The Green Dragon)

Now, this is really something that can definitely get the party started! A bottle of this Cannabis Vodka can literally bring life and fun to any occasion! That’s a guarantee! This Cannabis infused Vodka is also known as The Green Dragon! Well, it is actually already a popular drink to most Cannabiseurs! Not only because of its name but also because of the right kind of buzz it actually gives with Its vibrant and uplifting high plus the rowdy vibe Vodka brings. This potent combo of effects is surely a winner to any Party goer! So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get this shizz goin’ so we can go Partey!!!

Cannabis Vodka Recipe


  • 3 Grams Cannabis buds (add more for a more potent Cannabis Vodka)

  • 1 Bottle Vodka

Things you’ll need

  • Baking Sheet

  • Parchment paper

  • Mason Jar

  • Small Pot

  • Kitchen Thermometer

  • Measuring Cup

  • Strainer

  • Cheesecloth

  • Funnel

How to make Cannabis Vodka

1.) Decarb your Cannabis Buds. Use a tray and line this with parchment. Spread the buds on the tray. Place in an oven for around half an hour to an hour at 240 degrees F. Mix the buds around every 10 mins to distribute the heat evenly.

2.) Put the Cannabis buds in the mason jar and pour in 1 cup of the Vodka.

3.) Fill the pot with water. Position the jar in the middle of the pot and place the pot on the stove over medium heat. Let the water boil at 150-160 degrees F for 45 mins.

4.) Line the strainer with the cheesecloth and place this on the measuring cup. Pour the newly infused Cannabis Vodka to filter through and allow to drip.

5.) Get the corners of the cheesecloth together and make sure to squeeze out all the goodness from the soaked up Marijuana buds. Set this aside to cool.

6.) Using a funnel pour the Cannabis Vodka Tincture back in the bottle and shake well. Viola! You now have your own homemade Cannabis Vodka or also known as the Green Dragon!