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Cannabutter is the staple ingredient in most edibles – If you are cooking with cannabis then this is an essential part of it all. Today you will learn how to make cannabutter stronger in a simple way. Don’t fret as this is not difficult to make. Most of the things and ingredients you will need are readily available at home. Among them are of course! Butter, some cheesecloth, scissors and top-shelf cannabis. We made this simple, yet the best cannabutter recipe made for you.

Before you go whipping stuff up and adding this on bread or popcorn or whatsoever. You must remember the following in making a strong cannabutter. Always start off with small amounts of cannabutter, and wait for some time before adding more.Cannabis has a different effect on every individual so it is important to add this gradually especially if you are new in consuming edibles. However, aside from getting high another threat it imposes is the calories you will be gaining. Lastly, a word of caution! Do not operate heavy machinery or power tools while consuming edibles. Enjoy our potent cannabutter recipe below!

Cannabutter Recipe

Cannabutter Ingredients

  • 14 grams of preferred cannabis buds and grind roughly

  • 10 tablespoons or 1 1/4 sticks of butter (unsalted) cut into 1-inch pieces

  • 1 Cup water

How to make Cannabutter Stronger

1.) Using a cheesecloth form it into a pouch and fill it with ground cannabis and tie securely.

2.) Using a double boiler melt butter and add a cup of water and cheesecloth pouch filled with marijuana.

3.) On high heat high and water filled double boiler keep turning the pouch in the hot butter for around 2 hours.

4.) Remove the after two hours from heat and by using metal tongs carefully remove pouch of cannabis and squeeze until you extract as much butter as possible.

5.) Place the butter in a container and refrigerate for an hour or until butter has solidified above the water.

6.) By using a strainer remove the water and the cannabutter carefully.

Warning: Remember to consume cannabutter gradually in small amounts. Utilize cannabutter as how they are indicated in the recipe. Use no more than a teaspoon of the cannabutter when spreading on toast or for adding on popcorn or mashed potatoes. Just add more after at least 2 hours.