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How Cannabis Honey Benefits Us Humans?

As one of the most important organisms on Earth, Bees have been acknowledged by scientists all across the globe. It is said that they are the only animals that do not become a link to any diseases towards humans. Furthermore, the honey that bees produce on a daily, is totally okay for humans to eat. In fact, honey is considered as a superfood. Hence, infusing another superfood to it which is Cannabis can really pump up the nutritional value of both products extremely. In this article, we will try to discuss and go through what the cannabis honey benefits are and how they help us improve our health and well being in general.

Honey consists of enzymes, vitamins and minerals and water which are all considered as essentials to support life here on earth. Its value nutritionally and therapeutically has benefited a lot of people throughout history and has been studied, recorded and documented since time unknown.

Now, if you combine the benefits of both honey and marijuana, you will end up creating not only a delicious treat but it will also come packed with a lot of medicinal value that comes with a lot of benefits for our bodies.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Honey

Food infusions with Cannabis are not new and most likely than not, you have already had some brownies with marijuana in it before. Furthermore, because of the recent wave of legalizations of marijuana in different countries, we are seeing a huge increase of food products that are infused with cannabis or marijuana edibles as they are called due to the growth in interest in more people with different kinds of experimentations being made day by day, hence the development of more sophisticated and complex recipes that we can say are “professionally” infused, by doing the extraction process the right way.

Who does not like honey right? Maybe some of you who have not tried good quality honey yet in their lifetimes but if you are lucky enough to have tasted the glorious flavor profile and sweetness of a high quality and superior honey, then you will surely agree that this product from God is really super delicious and a satisfying treat! Infusing Cannabis in honey as well has been done in the past, and like any other known benefits of both raw materials, the final product can be considered as a super superfood as this can deliver the best of both worlds. Honey is known to have many healing effects and Cannabis does too and with this combination, Let’s discuss the benefits of Cannabis Honey to our bodies.

Known Cannabis Honey Benefits

So, what are the known Cannabis Honey Benefits? To start off, basically it is honey infused with the extracts of the marijuana plant, then one can expect that the most predominant effects that it has are what we could expect from Cannabis and Honey separately.

Marijuana plants are unique and may differ from each other. There are plenty of varieties out there. You can even choose to go to a reputable seed bank so you can grow your own specific preferred strain which you can use to infuse your honey with.
What is recommendable is to use an indica dominant marijuana strain when making Cannabis-infused Honey.

We recommend using Indica Strains

Indica dominant strains can produce strong cerebral and physical effects that can make you happy and relaxed. As such, what you can expect from this cannabis infused honey produces is a version that creates a settled and relieving effect that can bring you to good night sleep. This is because of the known indica effects that are unique to it that are able to deliver a sedative effect physically with a heavier high yet relaxing and can be sluggish at times that are perfect for treatment of anxiety, sinus issues, insomnia or fatigue.

Honey Health Benefits

During the whole process of infusing Cannabis, the Honey will keep its form and will retain its known medical values and effects. Honey has been used and benefited from since time immemorial and has been known for its antiseptic and antibiotic effects on top of its high nutritional values as well. Basically, speaking honey in its one nature can repel or even kill bacterias and viruses that can be harmful to us.

Saying so, Cannabis Honey packs all these features and can be extremely beneficial to aid hangovers, dandruff, sinus issues. It can also clean and heal cuts and wounds, minor degree burns, acne and even dandruff. More so, this was seen to have helped to alleviate coughing, memory loss and even loss of focus.

Another superb benefit we can reap out of this concoction, the Cannabis infused Honey, is its use for mood improvement and mood swings prevention, improving appetite, and relief from vomiting and nausea, as a muscle relaxant or even pain management.


In saying all of this, we can actually consider Cannabis Honey as the marriage of 2 superfoods combined into one for us to enjoy easily while having fun in doing so. Cannabis Honey can be used like regular honey with not a single difference at all. Put it in tea or your cake. Check out our Marijuana Cooking book recipes for Cannabis Honey Recipe and make your own today! Also, visit our different categories for some amazing edible recipes that you’ll surely enjoy! Marijuana Cooking Book. Simple. Straightforward.