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How Long Do Edibles Last

How long do edibles last? It is commonly known that edibles do take a longer time to kick in compared to vaping and smoking weed but they also tend to last much longer with regards to its effects in our body. So, our question today is – How Long Do Weed Edibles Last?

On average, a dose of an edible would last for about a 6-hour range and the strongest effects will be felt at around the 2 to 3 hour period. Generally, edibles kick in at around half an hour to an hour, or sometimes more, after ingesting and will slowly increase it’s effects right after. As mentioned, the peak can be expected between the 2 to 4 hour period and will slowly decline from there with a total of around 6-7 hours of different phases of effects or “high”.

The Factors to Consider

All this will also be dependent on several factors of course, such as tolerance levels, metabolism, dosage and the potency of the dose. Naturally, if you ingest a stronger and more potent THC edible, surely you will be experiencing a longer and more solid high than a lower dose edible as it will take some time for our body to digest and process the cannabinoid in and out of our system.

Tolerance also plays a major role here. Those who are not used to consuming Marijuana products may feel its effect stronger and longer than those who frequently consume these Cannabis edibles if an identical dose has been given. Furthermore, the tolerance levels of a person may also fluctuate depending on the time and periods they have smoked or ingested Cannabis.

On metabolism. A person who has a faster metabolism may process out the effects of the cannabinoids faster than those with a slower one hence shortening the duration of the “high” or effects.

How Long do the Effects of Weed Edibles Last?

So to answer – How Long do the Effects of Weed Edibles Last? – You can expect that the “high” or the effects of an edible will last for a few hours. Studies have shown that the effects of weed edibles usually lasts about 6 to 8 hours in total with a peak at around the 3rd hour. But, in some very special instances, it may go as long and last up to 12 hours for those who have low tolerance levels and can also go as low as 4 hours for those with higher tolerance levels.

Edibles Effects

Edibles with THC bring in a very similar effect to smoking it which is the feelings of relaxation and euphoria. The effects are highly dependent on the type of cannabinoids present in them and their relative potency levels.

Others prefer using edibles over smoking when medicating using cannabis to treat a particular condition while others just prefer the impact it has overall.

How does marijuana affect the brain?

The 2 main compounds of Marijuana which is THC and CBD plus many more others bind to the receptors of our endocannabinoid system that is responsible for regulating our mood and other physical dispositions.

The sensations that may include are:

  • euphoria
  • laughter or giggles
  • burst of energy
  • talkativeness
  • a feeling of relaxation
  • hunger
  • easy amusement and enjoyment
  • sensitivity to colour, touch, smell, light, taste, and sound

How long do edibles last in your system?

Since the legalization, edibles have been growing massively in terms of popularity. But, a lot of questions are still raised for the regulatory body on how much THC or CBD is too much as the effects are truly subjective from person to person.

What is worrying is if a first time consumer accidentally takes too much and ends up with a nightmare instead of a wholesome experience. So, How Long Do Edibles Last? Well, to keep things short and as mentioned earlier, there is no need to worry as this will only last for a few hours and will wear off as time passes allowing our body to process the cannabinoids accordingly.

Eventually, you will reach a peak with your plasma concentration and the body will excrete the cannabinoids in around 2 hours after consumption. But then again, after which the factors mentioned above which are Metabolism, Tolerance and Dosage will come into play.

As a reminder and a few words of advice. Always start your dose in small increments and adjust accordingly as soon as the edible kicks in and takes effect, that if you feel you need more to satisfy your needs.