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How Long Do Edibles Take to Kick In

Edibles are any cannabis-based or infused food products. There are a lot of different kinds and forms available out there from cannabutter jolly rancher candies to CBD gummies all to which may contain either mixed of both compounds, THC and CBD, or each by their pure forms infused into the food. So, how long do edibles take to kick in?

How long do marijuana edibles take to kick in?

Weed edibles or Marijuana edibles are gaining super popularity nowadays all because of the recent wave of legalizations from country to country. Also, the effects and the experience brought about by an edible may surely differ from one person to another, Plus, the “high” you get from consuming an edible may hit harder or more intensely in comparison to how the effects get to you when you are smoking it. So, it is always suggested to take it by small increments if it is your first time. But, generally, it would take 30 minutes to an hour to kick in depending on some factors but may also go longer as much as 2 hours on some rare occasions.

Which leads us to our next question which is how long do edibles take to kick in on a full stomach? Well, to answer that, similar to the one earlier but still is subjective to each person and yes it may increase the duration of when the edible will kick in. But, always keep in mind that aside from your stomach contents some people just have lower tolerance compared to others so the safest way is to start with a 5mg dose and work your way from there.

Another one that was asked was there a difference with hard candies? How long do hard candy edibles take to kick in? Now, this one is a bit trickier one, as due to modern food production. As there are now slow-release candies that are available out there but in general terms, this should not really make a lot of difference as to the duration of when the edible will take effect. Returning to our first point, the effect of THC and CBD is directly subjective from person to person.


Today, more and more people are consuming marijuana or cannabis only for the sole purpose of medicating from an ailment and taking it for the CBD benefits. Usually and more often than not smoking is not a viable option for these people which in return creates a whole new following of users relying on cannabis edibles alone.

Now, for a lot of people who need to know when the edibles kick in? The best advice we can give you is it would be awesome for you to consider some factors to make sure you are on your perfect dose which is bodyweight, tolerance and a lot more. But, on top of every rule or suggestions out there on how to get the proper edible dosage. It is always best to start slow and just add some more as you go! Enjoy!