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How to Make Edibles Without Cooking

This topic has been circulating on the internet for people asking, how to make edibles without cooking? Well, this is one tough question to answer as the recent developments and innovations in edible making today is saying that heat is needed to perform a process called decarboxylation, where your weed undergoes a chemical change turning the THC in it, that delivers the high feelings, into THC-a, a by-product of the chemical reaction, that in turn gets absorbed better by human bodies and also more effectively.

So, you might think that I don’t decarb my buds before rolling them into a joint, but why do I get high? Well, that is simple because as you are sparking up a joint or a bowl, decarboxylation happens exactly at the moment when the heat from the flame of your lighter hits and blazes the weed, hence converting it into a smoke-filled with THC-a and all of these happen because of the burning process. However, during this process, we could not expect that only the THC will be affected, hence some of the other chemicals in the weed may undergo changes in it as well, especially because of the burning of matter which we will not discuss here in this topic so let’s go back and focus on how to make cannabis edibles without cooking.

Easy Weed Edibles Without Cooking

Going back to the main question, is it possible to make weed edibles with no stove or oven? Well, the answer is yes, this is very possible but you have to remember that eating raw weed may not be as effective as smoking it if you do not prepare it properly by decarbing. However, if you are happy with just taking off with the simplest route, feel free as this will still bring you into an experience and get you high.

Create your Cannabis Cooking Essentials

Instead, what I suggest is to try making one of our marijuana cooking book essentials such as Cannabutter, Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Tincture, Cannabis Milk, Cannabis Syrup, Cannabis Sugar and Cannabis Honey and surely you will be on your way to having more options of edible food creations you can enjoy! What we are suggesting here is that you may need to cook once when creating one of the Cannabis essential ingredients and from there proceed to have plentiful edible opportunities without the need for Cooking, or to make it simpler, you can actually buy these Cannabis cooking essentials out there.

You can simply spread Cannabutter on your toast, or some Cannabis Honey on your french toast. The possibilities are endless but here, we will show you some no-cook, no-bake recipes that will still make you feel that you are eating a restaurant-quality meal.

Try Out These No-Bake Edible Recipes Today!

Cannabis Macaroons

Cannabis Macaroons

If you are looking for something different and love eating coconuts then Cannabis Macaroons is the perfect recipe for you! Here we will be showing you how to make Macaroons infused with Cannabis. Regular Macaroons are those sweet coconut treats shaped like small muffins that are filled with shredded coconut and are on the sweet side of things.

Cannabis Cheesecake

Cannabis Cheesecake

Do you love Cheesecake? This scrumptious delectable dessert turns out to be an excellent vehicle to deliver the weed effects into our system! This no-bake Cannabis Cheesecake recipe is super simple to make and will surely result in something delicious and enjoyable! If you love cheese then this is the perfect dessert for you! Especially great to infuse with strains that induce that munchies effect as this will surely fire start your food trip to the next level!

Cannabis Microwave Brownie

1-Minute Cannabis Microwave Brownie

Don’t have time to make some weed brownies at home? Waiting for that perfect time to make some while your mom is away? Well, we might have a solution to that problem. Here presenting our 1-Minute Cannabis Microwave Brownie Recipe that truly only takes a minute to cook! Yes, you heard that right! This Cannabis Microwave Brownie recipe is the perfect marijuana treat if the only time you’re able to make edibles is if no one is home!

Check out our other easy to make Cannabis edible recipes that you’ll surely enjoy only here in Marijuana Cooking Book. Simple. Straightforward.