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How to Take CBD Oil

There are four known ways on how to take CBD Oil effectively and they are Smoking or Vaping, Topical Application on the skin, Sublinqually under the tongue and by Ingesting Weed Edibles. There are plenty of other ways you can imagine but these are what we think is the right way on how to use CBD Oil and CBD Oil products.

Learn How to Take CBD Oil the Right Way!


CBD Inhalation is one of the fastest ways to deliver its effects because it goes directly through your respiratory system and then the bloodstream. There are 2 ways to do the inhalation methods which are by vaping and by smoking
CBD Oil.


Cannabidiol concentrates are smoked by using a rig for oil. This oil rig is similar to a water pipe. This works by heating the part of the rig called “nail” – this is the chamber where you load up your CBD oil then putting the oil into the nail using a dabber. The heat and the introduction of the CBD Oil will cause it to smoke and you can inhale it through the rig’s mouthpiece.

But, the simplest form of smoking CBD Oil would be by rolling a joint using some high CBD marijuana. But, the only drawback of this method for some is that you may not consume pure CBD but it will also be combined with THC which will result in you getting the psychoactive effects.


Vaping CBD Oil is possible by using a vape or a vape pen. If you are new to this method you can always go for a starter kit to make it easier for you. Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking as this still delivers the maximum effects without the harsh smoke effects together with inhaling some burnt compounds.



Another method you can use to consume CBD Oil is by applying this on the skin topically which means you can apply them directly on your skin in several forms which are lotions, balms or ointments.

This topical application method is surely one of the easiest methods to use as this does not require any special skill or tools to use. All you have to do is to apply this directly on to your skin and you’re done! This is best for use on sore muscles or skin irritations and even migraines. You can apply and spread directly onto the affected area and allow absorption through your skin. Also, this method delivers the mildest of effects among all of them. This is excellent for those mild conditions that do not require much potency to alleviate.


(Under the TONGUE)

This is dropping CBD Oil or CBD tinctures under our tongue which also houses a lot of nerve endings that allow faster absorption of compounds into our system. Just a few drops of CBD oil or CBD tincture, leave it for about 30 seconds under the tongue and swallow. It’s that simple!
This works excellently well plus the manner it can be discreetly done is a plus factor. This method requires nothing else but the CBD oil itself.


Last but not least there are Weed Edibles! Incorporating CBD Oil in your food is super fun and a simple way to consume it! And remember, without the THC these edibles or weed-infused snacks will not cause any of its consumers to get high. CBD in its pure form does not deliver psychoactive effects. It is recommended however to use full-spectrum CBD which brings with it all the terpenes and cannabinoids that are also beneficial for us.

The most famous edibles made from CBD Oil are CBD Gummies and CBD lollipops which are also commercially made mostly. But, this not only limited to CBD Oil, Weed edibles are the whole array of products in itself as there are also other options for infusing cannabis directly on food by using Cannabutter or a potent tincture which also goes great in creating Cannadrinks – Cannabis-infused drinks. Just take note that we must be careful when making edibles in terms of the potency level of the end product. Edibles are easy and discreet to consume but don’t forget they pack quite a punch too compared to the other methods. If you are using Marijuana buds when making your essentials, always make sure to decarboxylate your weed to ensure better absorption to our system. See our guide on how to do it without stinking up your kitchen.

Remember: There are plenty of ways on how to take CBD oil but always stick to the trusted methods and Always make sure that you are aware of the product that you are using and what your dosage is supposed to be at all times. Do not attempt to consume large amounts of CBD Oil at one time as this may cause some unwanted reactions. Check out out our Topic on How much CBD Oil to take!