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Using Weed and Antibiotics

Weed does not have any significant reactions to most antibiotics. There are also no intensive and comprehensive studies made clinically to check the health negative effects of consuming antibiotics with marijuana at the same time. Furthermore, no major reports have been recorded of people having any major negative effects. So, Is Weed and Antibiotics ok to use together?

Even though weed has been linked to some negative reactions with other drugs, such as morphine or ibuprofen, antibiotics are not known to be contraindicated. But, it is still important to consult your health care professional to ensure the prescribed antibiotics are ok while using medicinal or recreational marijuana for that matter.

Can you smoke cigarettes while on antibiotics?

Does Marijuana have any effect on Antibiotics | If you are a daily marijuana consumer or are using medical marijuana as part of your daily maintenance and has been prescribed with antibiotics. You should not really worry about extreme adverse reactions when consuming the two drugs together. Just remember that weed can amplify the adverse effects that some antibiotics give even if they are taken on their own, so consume less weed if you notice that there is an uncomfortable feeling felt when under medication with antibiotics.

Does Marijuana effect Antibiotics’ Effectiveness | When a person consumes an inducing agent with another type of medicine, there may be a need to change the dosage as the metabolism rate of that person is also increasing, whilst the effects of the said medicine will start to reduce. If this is not checked this can lead to a therapeutic failure from Antibiotics.

Remember: if you attempt to consume more than one drug at a time always remember that a drug to drug interaction may occur. One drug may affect the other two ways, by reducing its effectiveness or worst by amplifying the adverse effects of the other.

Also, Take note that usually the time we are prescribed with antibiotics means that we are being treated because of a virus in our system so there is a third factor in play in this situation. Understanding which antibiotics if they are inducers and inhibitors should be the worry of your physician who prescribed the antibiotics so make sure you present to them all the factors involved including your daily weed regiment.


If possible always speak with a physician who is also a licensed medical marijuana practitioner and heed their advice regarding this matter regarding your health and the specific medication plans you need to undergo while consuming weed. Remember, each one of us is unique and what transpires in others may not be so for the rest. So make sure you know the contraindications of any drug before taking or ingesting another to ensure you are aware if any negative effects are developing on you.