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Weed Salad

Want to know how to go all out with the Cannabis health craze that’s going on? So, Why not make your salad dressing cannabis infused! Weed Salad or Cannabis Salad dressing is an excellent and ultimate way to consume and get those wanted benefits in a super healthy manner. At the same time stay all the way within the boundaries of being organic! Weed Salad is a super simple and straightforward recipe that allows you to reap out the full extraction of your Cannabis compounds. Isn’t that awesome? Marijuana Salad can be anything depending on your preference! You can use any type of greens you want! It may be Lettuce and arugula or go with micro greens that are really catching on nowadays as super foods. This goes great as a side on every meal as well!

Weed Salad Recipe


  • 2 Grams of Cannabis Buds
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Water

Things you’ll need

  • 2 Mason Jars
  • Stock pot
  • Weighing Scale
  • Cheesecloth
  • Rubber band

How to make Weed Salad

1.) Place your Cannabis buds in one of the mason jars.

2.) Pour in your Extra virgin Olive oil. About a cup will do but add as you prefer.

3.) Prepare your double boiler by adding water into a stock pot and place over medium heat.

4.) Position the mason jar with Olive oil and Cannabis in it in the middle of the stock pot and allow to boil for 2 hours or more.

5.) Prepare your 2nd mason jar and line this with cheesecloth over the spout and hold it in place using a rubber band.

6.) Strain the Cannabis infused Olive oil you just made by pouring this over on the 2nd mason jar and allow to filter through. Take the corners of the cheesecloth and squeeze out all the goodness out of the damp buds.

7.) With more regular Olive oil fill a bottle half full. Now you can create your base for the Weed Salad dressing. You can add in some garlic, Salt, sugar or even go with balsamic vinegar and some lemons. The choice is yours. You can even use your favorite premade grocery bought salad dressing!

8.) Once your regular Salad dressing is ready. We can now turn this into a Weed Salad Dressing by filling in the other half of the serving bottle with the Cannabis Infused Olive oil we just made! Viola! You can now dress any salad you desire! Enjoy!